Tuesday, November 15, 2016

From the Diary of a Soldier...!!!

DAY 31

I woke up at around 1730hrs. It was cloudy outside but no snowfall. The V-sat line was out so I decided to go to the next post and speak to my love on satellite phone. Oh Naina,,, I love her so much & miss her too. Missing her reminds me how lucky I'm that I've someone to miss. All I want is to hear her voice at least once a day but I am not lucky everyday and like me there are around a dozen men with me who too wait for their turn just to hear the voice of their loved ones. Even on the luckiest day I have to try her number at least a hundred times just to hear her once but these few minutes serve as a tonic and helps me to sail through the long, lonely & monotonous day. 
            This was one of those luckiest days when I was able to hear my love after walking about three kilometers in 35 feet of snow at an altitude of about 18000 feet above sea level in -50 degree Celsius. You see absence doesn't always make heart grow fonder,,, sometimes it makes you go mad too..!! 
Naina told me that she is proud of me for what I am doing & I went on cloud nine. She told me she was missing me & that she loves me a lot & she is counting days. I wanted to tell her that I too want to come to her, to see her, to hug her, right then & there but somehow I controlled myself, it’s still a long time to go and I have to be strong. We called it a good night and I came back to my post.
            When I came back, the line was still out, so I decided to fix it myself with the help of my boys. By 2015hrs, we had fixed the line but the knife which I used for fixing it was missing. I couldn’t afford to miss it. At this point, I could relate myself with Tom Hanks of “Cast away”. The knife was like “Mr Wilson” to me. It was gifted to me by my love (owing to the peculiar love that I have for all kind of weapons). I had a strange connection with my knife, it gave me a feeling that my love was near me.
            I got really upset & frantically I started searching for the knife. I told everybody to leave. The sky had become clear & it was a full moon night. Whenever the weather is clear and moon is there, this place shines like silver, all covered with snow. But today, it was hard luck for me, I couldn’t see the knife anywhere. I started searching for it inside the snow with my hands, still couldn’t find it.
            After about half an hour one NCO with 12 boys came to me saying that they will help me to find the knife. I told him to go back & that I will find it myself but he disobeyed my order saying that it’s not just my kife, its their also and they will go back only after finding the knife. Instead of being angry on him for disobeying me, I felt so good about it. People say that we are a family here and now I can relate to it with my personal experience. We started searching together & by God’s grace we found it and I was the happiest person in the world & so was my team.

            Life at different points teaches us different lessons. Bravery is not all about fighting enemies but also not to give up whatever the circumstances be.
 Not only I realized how much I love Naina but also how strong we all are bonded here at the post, where everything freezes but warmth of love keeps everyone alive.

At 2200hrs, I came back to my FRP & called Naina & told her everything and ofcourse how much I love her…!!!